Progress, and Frustration, and Progress

2 thoughts on “Progress, and Frustration, and Progress”

  1. Hi Jeremy, I wonder if you would do better financially if you were able to find a 2019 2500 on a dealers lot that was close to your specs. The HD will be more than enough truck to handle your 30 ft.
    We pull a 2016 Classic 30 with a 2019 RAM 3500 and I rarely ever use more than half throttle. Make sure that you get a properly set up quality WD hitch and you will be just fine.
    Cam and Heather
    WBCCI #7272
    FB: Two canned hams

    1. Cam,

      I looked quite a bit for a 2019 that met our specs but unfortunately there were none to be found. It seems almost everyone wants a diesel, which I definitely don’t want. We’re getting a better deal on an order through a dealership in VA than any local dealer was willing to give on something in stock, so I’m really quite pleased. We will also get a few extra new features on the 2020 that the 2019s didn’t have.

      For the hitch I plan to get a ProPride. It’s expensive, and maybe overkill, but I’m happy to spend a bit extra on safety, and not having to deal with the noise of most standard WD/SC hitches is a huge bonus.

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